How to Choose a Monitor Mount

A monitor mount allows you to customize the position of your monitor to ensure the best ergonomics. It allows you to set the screen at the correct height, depth, and angle. This can improve your posture and reduce neck, back, and eye strain. Using a monitor mount also improves your eyesight by keeping the screen at a comfortable distance from your face.

What is the difference between MY, CLU, TSS, and LiftTEC® monitor arms?

A monitor mount | Agile Office Furniture makes it easier to use your laptop in portrait and landscape modes. This mount helps you save valuable desk space. You don’t need to worry about getting tangled up with the monitor cords and cables because it helps keep your desk clear. It also allows you to adjust the pivot point to make your monitor more convenient.

Monitor arms are available in different sizes and styles. There are desk-mounted monitor arms and wall-mounted arms. The desk-mounted arms are easier to install because you don’t have to drill holes in the walls. But you need to make sure that the monitor arm secures to your desk. Most monitor arms are secured with desk clamps or grommets. You should also look for a monitor mount that is adjustable for different desk thicknesses. Moreover, the monitor mount should include cable management options.

Another consideration when choosing a monitor mount is its height and angle. Depending on the monitor’s purpose, there are stands that are adjustable and can rotate or tilt for an ergonomic position. Most of these mounts support standard VESA mounts, which can be attached to most monitors. Moreover, they allow you to adjust the screen’s height to achieve the best viewing angle.

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